Save Time and Engage Your Patients

A Complete Practice Management Solution

Build your own branded video and audio consulting for your Hospital

Provide prompt medical attention

  • Enable your doctors instantly for consulting.
  • Signup the hospital, get domain and start consulting.
  • Chat consulting only for low bandwidth devices.

Retain Patients for your Hospital

  • Your patients will be yours anywhere.
  • Patients can access and book video and chat appointments.
  • Get second opinion quickly on major health decisions.
  • Have family doctor on call anytime

Branded Hospital

  • Start a virtual clinic with your colleagues and peers.
  • Start your own consulting practice online.
  • Customized for hospital needs.
  • Build your own¬†patients across the world.

Promote your hospital and doctors with Health Cards

  • Customize health card needs for your patients.
  • Verified doctors in the network

Integrate your partner hospitals into one branded domain

  • Multiple branches in one umbrella domain.
  • All doctors visible.

Doctors Dashboard

  • Maintain your availability, manage appointments
  • View your feedback.
  • Start Chat and Video Consulting

Integrate with Diagnostic Labs

  • Promote your lab facilities.
  • Integrate partner lab facilities seamlessly with Doctors

Multiple roles

  • Doctors, Customers, Lab technician and Lab agent roles.
  • Enable and disable permissions for these roles.
  • Admin role for management.

Dedicated Admin Console

  • Manage doctors, tiings, orders, vacations, pricing.
  • Manage refunds, feedback, locations, branches, investigations.
  • Manage orders, payments, refunds.